Josh's Family

Sno’ista: One who has been extensively trained in the confectionary art of shaved ice. (like a Barista for sno)

  • Zina

    Has worked more hours in the shack than anyone (except Josh)! One of our top sno’istas, expresses her love for sno cones through photography. Has won countless awards for “sno cone in action”, “sno cone in everyday life” and “sno cone in still life.” She is best known for being the director of photography for the yearly “Coolest Sno Cone Alive” photo shoot for People Magazine.

  • Ashley

    Has taken a brief hiatus to further her studies in sno cone law. She has found that it is unlawful to call something that is crunchy, gross, watered down mush, a sno cone. She is currently proposing litigation that would allow individuals to sue anyone who offers this mush to the public. It will be a beautiful day when this filth is outlawed. She is working the legal side so one day the encyclopedias will correctly define a sno cone as: an edible masterpiece created only, by sno’istas.

  • Caroline

    Makes sno cones like an Eskimo in the Hawaii. But seriously, her heritage dates back to 12,000 B.C. when Hawaii was actually frozen over and her ancestors (Eskimos) were making sno cones in Hawaii. A brilliant mind in sno cone mixology.

  • Claire

    One of the feistiest sno’istas in the country. She went to the sno cone Olympics and threw an ice shaver at one of the judges she had a disagreement with. She is like an artist who has a vision, if you get in the way of the vision you may get painted on… or in this case, snowed on.

  • Susan

    Who’s who? The first twin sno’istas to tie for first place at the Sno Cone French Open. Like Venus and Serena you never know who is going to win the Grand Slams Sno Cone Championships. Let this sno’ista tell you why butter beer is the most marketable and delicious flavor we have ever created.

  • Ellen

    Who’s who? The first twin sno’istas to tie for first place at the Sno Cone French Open. Like Venus and Serena you never know who is going to win the Grand Slams Sno Cone Championships. Order in french and this sno’ista might just give you some extra juice for free.

  • Ethan R

    When you meet this sno’ista there is a good chance he will be carrying a few hundred pounds of ice just for the fun of it. He can lift 2000lbs of ice with his pinky toe. His diet: chain sno cone eating. He’s an inspiration to us all.

  • Ethan M

    The most creative sno’ista on planet Earth. He is looking forward to competing in the “insane sno cone mix” category at the Mr. Sno Universe competitions this July. Although Pluto has been eliminated from the competition, we hear they have sent their best to Neptune…the competition is ice cold.

  • Mariah

    Lights, Camera Action. This young phenom teaches” The Art of Sno Cone Making I, II, and III” at Juilliard. She has a “reel” eye for how sno cones appeal to the senses and play on people’s emotions. If you are having a bad day, find this sno’ista and she will come up with a concoction that will change your mood. Roger Ebert has taken classes from this brilliant mind.

  • John

    He will make you the earthiest sno cone you have ever had! His philosophy: take it slow and savor the process. Watching this sno’ista craft your delicious treat is like watching a caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly. It may take time, but the end product is as beautiful as nature itself!

  • Bijan

    Mission impossible? Not for this sno’ista. Like Ethan Hunt, he will turn an impossible situation (like a long line or difficult sno cone order) into a quick resolution- your refreshing treat!

  • Kelsey

    “What was that?… Oh really…cool! Did you hear about?….” If we don’t have a line and she is working with Katie, you will quickly be joined into a deep conversation about life and sno cones. By the time you take your last snowy bite, you will realize that you have eaten 8 large sno cones and had the most riveting conversation in years.

  • Katie

    One of the fasted hands in the biz. Specializing in speed, this sno’ista has been known to make 100 sno cones in 100 seconds. What a feit!

  • Victoria

    This family member shares the same DNA as Josh himself. Even the most trained sno’istas can’t tell the difference between the sno cones this sno’ista makes and the ones Josh makes. Be careful though, she has literally killed three people with kindness. Other weapons in her arsenal: a warm smile and freezing fluffy snow.

  • Christina

    This sno’ista is all about business. She is what we call a renaissance sno’ista. She dabbles in all the different arts of sno cone mysticism.

  • Jordan S

    You’ve got a friend in me. If you want to get a sno cone from a real jerk…you best keep moving. This sno’ista won a platinum medal at the Snowy 500 cup race. Her category: Nicest sno’ista. Let her win your friendship with a smile and cup of snow.

  • Allison

    She received her PhD of sno cone making from Georgetown University. Currently making advancements in sno cone quality and composition, she has devised a process that will lead to an even fluffier and more refreshing sno cone experience. She is one of the leading thinkers of this generation who will continue to redefine the sno cone for years to come.

  • Alex

    The sno cone life can do crazy things to people. It is not for everyone, but once you embrace it, it changes you. That’s the story for this sno’ista. When we picked her up she was a quiet reserved little tike. But once she got hooked on the sno cone, she rounded up a whole slew of renegades. She helped equip josh’s with many family members through her gruesome weeding out process. She is what we call a sno cone head hunter.

  • Angie

    The heart and soul of josh’s sno shack. Without her the whole thing falls apart. When you admire at a wrist watch you can admire the construction and beauty, but a wrist watch without the proper functioning components is worthless. That is what this sno’ista is to Josh’s. She is not only the heart of josh’s, but she also has josh’s heart. He gave it to her when he was 15 and she has never given it back. Josh loves his wife dearly!


    This guy has brilliantly surrounded himself with amazing people. In the beginning, he realized that without a phenomenal crew, he would be just another sno cone stand in Tulsa. So he searched every continent for the most intelligent and eccentric individuals and brought them back to Tulsa. He has a passion for sno cones and has dedicated his life to training sno’istas and redefining the “sno cone.” What was once an old, nasty, crunchy “snow cone,” is now a scrumptious, invigorating God-like snowy extravaganza. Or simply put— “a Josh’s sno cone.”

  • God

    We believe that everything beautiful comes from God. If you have experienced genuine joy, love or peace, you have caught a glimpse of the heart of God. We strive to be restorers and servants to this world. We hope that by offering a fun, family atmosphere and delicious sno cones, we can bring extra joy to your day. We hope that by taking a legitimate interest in your life we show love to you. We hope that by creating a happy and memorable experience, we bring a small element of peace to your life. Attempting to epitomize these traits in everything we do, we hope you experience life and catch a glimpse of our loving Savior—Jesus!